Who Am I?

Hey There! I’m Ruiru.

I am a writer and blogger.

I am super excited and glad that you took the time to check me out. We have a lot in common. We both want to be successful in our writing careers and make big bucks doing what we love to best – blogging.

In light of this, neither of us can afford to fall behind on the blogging patterns and trends in the 21st century. We have to be up to date with methods, strategies, and plans that will put us in the face of our target market and sky rocket us to success.

Bloggers who have already made it share their success stories and attribute their success to hard work. But truth be told, hard work without the right strategy, tips and tricks is useless.

So what we really need to do, what I am suggesting is getting our strategies right and working smart. I am talking about setting yourself up for success with the least effort. This blog does more than share tips and tricks it takes you through the technicalities and the steps to take to succeed.

But Why Me?

I am a writer and a WordPress Website Designer.

I could take you through my qualifications and all but I would rather save you the bore (that’s what the LinkedIn Profile is for.

You are dying to know if I am good for what I claim – helping you in your blogging journey. Well, I have been writing for the longest time but only took it seriously 5 years ago. Like any newbie in the business, I was scammed and paid peanuts for the longest time. I have gone over hurdles in the writing business successfully. I am not there yet, but I can confidently say I have a lot to share and teach.

Everything I do on this blog is to equip bloggers and share a wealth of information that can fast track their blogging success. I do not recommend anything that I haven’t tried or not willing to try if I haven’t already.

In light of this, why don’t you sign up here and get updates of blog updates immediately they are published every week.

Again, thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your time and cannot wait to go on a successful blogging journey with you.